We specialize in repairs of all types of vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks, buses, trailers, and motor boats. Currently our company is the only, such a large company in Pomerania which is dealing in the repair of all vehicles of different makes ranging from the older vehicles to those produced these days. With qualified staff and years of experience in the repair and maintenance of the vehicles, we are able to provide you with a regular or for your immediate needs the following services:

             All running repairs of vehicles, semi trailers and trailers.

             Periodic, seasonal and maintenance inspections,

             Main repairs of engines, gear-boxes, distribution boxes and driving axles

             Repairs of fuel systems as well as of fuel injection pumps.

             Computer diagnostics, including the repair of electrical and electronic components.

             Installation of alarm systems, hands free, audio, CB and others upon the request.

             MAC Repair and maintenance

             Installation and repair of hydraulics.

             Repair of additional, independent heaters.

             Road breakdown service and service at the customer’s place 

             Sales of original spares as well as substitute.

             At the time of the repair of the vehicles we offer you a car park where you can leave the vehicle or semi-trailer without any additional costs.

In addition, on our premises, we offer you the opportunity to use our own Regional Station of the Vehicle Inspection, equipped with the most modern diagnostic and measurement devices and well-educated employees.

For regular customers and fleet customers we offer:

• Individual setting of prices for the services, and the preliminary estimate;

• Possibility of using either original parts or much cheaper and equally good substitutes;

• Setting the date of the beginning of the repair when it is convenient for you;

• a convenient form of payment based on individual, fixed rate, considerably lower than the authorized services.

If you any have questions, please contact:

Jarosław Pawlak               tel. 600-418-424  

Tomasz Dymek                 tel. 604-560-991    
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Vehicle breakdown 24 h tel.604-540-965
monday - friday  8:00 - 20:00
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